Where I’ve Been

So… as you may have noticed, I kind of went MIA for a bit, but it’s with good reason. Not only have I been sick as death, but I also became a new kitten mommy to five kittens rescued from death row! (Please, please, please adopt and don’t shop. You’re saving lives.) Two of these precious babies are my aunt and uncle’s, but the other three darlings are my new kitten children. I love them all so much.

Best. Christmas. Ever.

baby binx

This gorgeous little guy is Thackery Binx. We first met when he took a flying leap into my arms, kissed my nose, and stole my heart. He’s honestly the most affectionate kitten in the world, and he’s such a Mama’s Boy. He loves sleeping in his basket, nose kisses, and eating my mom’s toast.

baby ash

Say hello to Ash Tyler. She (yup, she’s a girl; fans of Star Trek Discovery will totally see the humor in naming a tiny girl kitten Ash Tyler) is the littlest kitten of the group, but she certainly insists upon herself. My tiny girl is feisty but has such a sweet personality. She loves hugs and chin-scratches more than life itself.

binx and logan

Binx with Logan (Howlett, named after Wolverine because my mom is as much of a nerd as I am). Logan is also a little girl, and her hobbies include clawing my arms (yeah, she’s totally a mini-Wolverine), jumping over her siblings like an Olympic athlete, and collapsing her playpens so she can lie on them. (Excuse the mess. They’ve shredded their cardboard house all over the floor, and I paused in the middle of unpacking a box to take this shot while they were semi-still. Photographing hyper kittens is hard, y’all.)

binx frodo simone

Simone, Frodo, and Binx. Simone has the cutest little blotch on the side of her nose, and she has more coloring on her torso than her brother. Simone is the shy one, but she loves to wrestle with her brother. She is also in love with my big boy, Sarek, and follows him everywhere. She’s my aunt’s baby, but I want to kidnap her so badly. Frodo is my uncle’s boy, and he loves play-fighting with Binx, stealing stuffed animals that are bigger than he is, and jumping in my mom’s plate.

simone kitten

A close-up of Simone’s precious little face. She actually didn’t like me at first, which has never happened before. I’ve been warned by friends that their grumpy old cat hates everyone only to wind up with said cat curled up on my lap, so I was heartbroken when little Simone ran away from me each time I tried to pet her. Then I woke up one morning and found her curled up at the foot of my bed, and we’ve been friends ever since.

They all have such distinctive personalities, and I love them beyond words. I also love that Binx looks like a long-haired version of Sarek, Ash resembles Evil, and Logan looks a lot like Teeny. This year has been pretty rough, but now it all feels worth it when I look at these little darlings and think, “You wouldn’t be alive now if we hadn’t taken you in.”

They’re hyper, and they’re definitely a lot of work, but when I think about how much they’ve enriched my life in the short time I’ve known them, I have no regrets. Please consider visiting a shelter and adopting this Christmas, and if you can’t, donations always help. I’ll link a few resources below. I’m not sponsored by any of them; I just think it’s a great cause.

Happy holidays, y’all. I hope you have fun!

Best Friends


Humane Society


Me, Myself, And I

Hi, y’all! After a bump in my follower count on Instagram (if you’re not following me, then you should!), I realized I never moved my little intro from my old blog to this one, so this seems like a good time to tell you a little bit about little ol’ me.

I actually suck at writing about myself, so I nicked a few of these from A Conscious Rethink for help.

I’m just going to share whatever pops into my head and see how long I can keep going, so I have no idea how many facts I’m going to share. If you’re nosy like me, keep reading.

iattendeduniversityofgeorgia1.) Like I mentioned in my last post, I attended the University of Georgia — go Dawgs! –where I studied criminal justice and journalism. (I later went on to attend cosmetology school.)

2.) I once played Prince Bristlebeard in my high school production of a play titled… Prince Bristlebeard and the Happily Never After. I dressed in drag, wore my hair as teased and scraggly as possible, and wore a flaming red fake beard. Good times. Fortunately Sadly, I have no pictures of this monstrosity of a costume.

3.) In my group of friends, I am considered the logical one. Maybe it’s because I’m much more of an Aquarius than a Pisces. Maybe it’s because I looked up to Spock as a child. Whatever the reason, when my friends approach me with their problems, I weigh the pros and cons, analyze the situation, and advise them as best I can. If you want someone to sympathetically hold your hand while you cry, I am probably not your girl. If you want someone to help you figure shit out calmly and rationally, then hit me up.

4.) My childhood nickname was Muffy.

5.) If I could start school from scratch, I would probably study genetics or physics.

6.) I’m dyslexic, so I literally reread the previous sentence ten times — and then made my adopted bro proofread it for me (thanks, Ford!) — to make sure I’d written physics and not psychics.

iwentgrayveryearly7.) I am a natural redhead (evidence is on my Instagram), but I went gray very, very early. Now my roots are mostly white and dark gray with a few gingery streaks. Ewwwww…

8.) I’m plant-based. According to some people, I can’t call myself vegan because I shop secondhand — and because I don’t believe in throwing away my belongings — so some of my jackets, purses, and shoes are leather. I don’t eat animals because I love animals. I also love the planet, so I don’t want a bunch of my shit littering a landfill when it’s perfectly usable. It’s also very difficult to find environmentally friendly vegan items in secondhand stores. You’re free to disagree with my methods and live your life the way you want to, but hateful comments will be posted on my IG Stories and openly mocked. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

9.) I am a shitty driver, and I freely admit to that fact. I’m going to take driving lessons to (hopefully) improve, because… damn.

10.) I curse like a sailor. But! According to research, that’s a sign of more intelligence, not less. Thanks, science!

iamacrazyplantlady11.) I am a crazy plant lady. I love plants! And trees! And flowers! If I didn’t live in the Deep South, where the air feels like you’re breathing pudding instead of oxygen, I would probably spend the bulk of my time outside.

12.) My favorite food is Indian food, specifically papri chaat, which is this delicious chickpea salad, and there’s a place near my house that makes it with coconut yogurt instead of dairy. Yum. I would eat it every day if I could. That or tandoori tofu. My mouth is watering right now. Great, I have a craving at 3 in the morning. Why do I do this to myself?

13.) I don’t want kids. No, this is not an attack on people who have kids or want kids. You do you, boo. No, I will not change my mind. No, telling me I don’t know what love is, that I’m selfish, or that I’ll never know true happiness won’t make me change my mind. To each their own. The planet is overpopulated as it is. I have chronic migraines and can’t handle high-pitched squealing. I have endometriosis. And I just plain don’t want children. The end.

14.) It may shock many of you after reading #13, but I’m actually not single.

15.) I’ve known my best friend for… um… seventeen years? Eighteen? A long time. But I consider her my adopted sister. Once you’ve proven you can stick it out that long, you’re family. I actually have several adopted siblings, some I’ve known for a decade-plus, others for less, but I love ’em like crazy. You know who you are.

ispeakrussian16.) In school I studied Spanish, German, French, Japanese, and Russian. Spanish was the hardest to learn. I’ve actually forgotten most of my Spanish, and I struggle to speak French, though I can still read it. I learned Danish from my adopted family, but after English, I’m the most comfortable speaking Russian. It’s just much easier for me because I have some Russian-speaking friends/adopted family who speak it with me frequently so I don’t get rusty. And they make the best tea in Russia. The best. Maybe that’s part of my affinity. (чита́ть про́поведь!)

17.) I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid, and I’m still obsessed with space. (To everybody who’s suffered through my endless space chatter, I am so, so sorry. But not really.)

18.) I am an unrepentant nerd. I dressed as Beverly Crusher for Halloween when I was twelve and was mocked relentlessly, but I didn’t care because I thought I looked cool. I even speak some Vulcan, Klingon, and Elvish.

19.) I love a lot of “creepy” things. Rats? I love them, Mom, so chill. Bats? Adorable, precious things, okay, Tristan! Snakes? They are not the devil’s pasta, Michael, so shut up. Spiders? They eat mosquitoes. They are good bros even if my uncle is petrified of them. (He won’t read this, so I can’t call him out directly. Read my damn blog, man!) But I hate roaches and wasps. Nope. Hell no.

ilovemycatssomuch20.) I love animals. I love them. My cats are my babies. My aunt and uncle’s cats and dogs are also my babies even if they aren’t technically mine. (Meh, semantics.) I named my blog after one of my babies. I have an Instagram for pictures of the four-legged children. I was even nicknamed Kitty because of my love for my cats. I just cannot articulate how much I love them.

21.) I am tiny. I’m only 5 feet tall. Hey, as the Bard said in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, “And though she be but little, she is fierce.”

22.) It’s the ten year anniversary of my almost-death! I was part of Club Swine ’09 and was hospitalized in isolation with Swine Flu in November 2009. CDC doctors came in wearing their hazmat suits. The guy in the room next to mine died — turned out he was also a college student a few years younger than I was. In total, 203,000 people died during the 2009 pandemic. I was one of the lucky ones. Get your damn flu shots, people. Especially if you’re immunocompromised.

23.) I sang with Jewel at a dinner for the governor while I lived in Alaska as a kid. (90s music lovers, you know who I’m talking about. Everybody else, just click the link.)

24.) Also while living in Alaska, I grew up with two of the most gorgeous, loyal, protective wolfdogs. It’s illegal to own a wolfdog in Alaska now, and maybe it was then, too, but I didn’t know any better. I just loved them. To this day, my brother and I have a very strong sense of kinship with wolves. My only pictures of them died in the flood of 2017 that wrecked most of what I owned, and I’m truly gutted about it even though I remember what they looked like so clearly.

25.) This seems like a good number to wrap things up, so #25 is… if you’re still reading this, I love you and hope you have a great day!

Share something interesting about yourself in the comments!