And The Winner Is… Oscars 2020 Best Of Beauty And Fashion

Hi, everybody. Long time, no see!

I’m currently under the weather (again), and I’ve had a lot going on lately. Namely, my baby boy, Binx, had violent diarrhea and fever, and I was absolutely terrified it was something like FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis, which is a rare but fatal immune response to infection caused by feline coronavirus.)

Binx did two rounds of antibiotics and cleared up on his prescription diet, but when I began to ease him back into his old diet, the diarrhea came back. Mystery solved! It’s a food intolerance. I switched him to a grain-free food, and he’s back to climbing the shower curtain like normal.  You can see video of him climbing on my Instagram.

Now that Binx is feeling better, I’m slowly but surely plodding my way through the list of posts I’ve left on the back-burner, but after the Oscars last night, I had to share my absolute favorites. (I don’t actually watch the ceremony. I really only care the beauty and fashion because I think the awards are rigged. Sorry, not sorry.)

In no particular order because I still can’t choose my absolute favorite:

1.) Natalie Portman: Fun fact: the names of snubbed female directors were embroidered onto her cape. Gorgeous. Also, her hair is so perfectly undone.

Getty Images

2.) Zazie Beetz: Seriously, everything about this is killer. Google a close up of her nails. Even her manicure is perfect.

Getty Images

3.) Charlize Theron: I love the simplicity of the bodice combined with that killer train. When does this woman not look like a snack? (Hint: The answer is never.)

Getty Images

4.) Rooney Mara: If Rooney’s on the red carpet, she’s on my Best Dressed list. I love her gothic flair. She never strays from her roots, and she always looks amazing.

Getty Images

5.) Mindy Kaling: Look, guys, some color on my Best Dressed list! That saffron yellow is absolutely dreamy with her caramel skin. Guh.

Getty Images

6.) Geena Davis: This woman is 64 years old, y’all. You read that right. Sixty-four. The hair, the dress, the makeup… All flawless. I wish I looked this good now.

Getty Images

7.) Beanie Feldstein: I love the Old Hollywood hair and the neckline of this dress. So lovely and fairytale-inspired without looking like a costume.

Getty Images

8.) Brie Larson: Rose gold perfection, am I right? I love the cape trend. Too bad it’s not wearable in real life. Or with a house full of cats.

Getty Images

9.) Janelle Monáe: If the Oscar statuettes were silver… God, this is dreamy. I love the hood and how fresh her skin looks. Just stunning.

Getty Images

10.) Scarlett Johansson: I love the simple hair and makeup paired with the sheen of the gown and her peekaboo rib tattoos. It’s punk, but it’s glam punk.

Getty Images

What do you think of my favorites? Did I leave off any of yours? Lemme know in the comments!